Secure data destruction

It is essential for data security and the protection of personal, proprietary and confidential information that data is permanently destroyed, deleted or erased from devices. Xperien is able to professionally erase your data on retired IT assets in compliance with Protection of Personal Information Act.

We offer the following solutions:


– Data Destruction Certificates
– Blancco® software erasure
– destroyData® physical destruction
– On-site data destruction

Blancco® software erasure

secure and efficient solution to assist clients in safeguarding their company’s integrity and reputation. Our customers have chosen destroyData® software because of its ability to provide an audit trail, support multiple-device platforms, erase 40 devices simultaneously, and its compliance with the requirements of the POPI Act. Given that it conforms to worldwide technology standards and certifications link, this software, backed by our experienced team, offers our clients a market-leading service that guarantees that no data will be left behind at time of disposal.

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destroyData® physical destruction

Our state-of-the-art truck provides an on-site degaussing and data-destruction service that’s not only safe and secure, but also fully POPI Act-compliant. It offers mobile data-destruction services that include the physical shredding of up to 300 hard drives, 500 data tapes, USB sticks and up to 400 mobile phones per hour.


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This process uses a magnetic charge to eliminate data and it also destroys other components of a hard disk drive – ensuring double protection. Once degaussed, drives can be thrown away, recycled or destroyed. Degaussing is used in maximum security applications to meet the standards of various authorities such as the National Security Agency (NSA). The NSA publishes a report called the “NSA’s Evaluated Products List –Degaussers”, which serves as a compliance tool for the Department of Defence and federal government agencies. Likewise, our products meet Payment Card Industry requirements.

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Strongbox (for data chain of custody)

We provide secure boxes for tracking and transportation of electronic equipment.

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