E-waste disposal

Xperien has been accredited by the Gauteng Waste Information System to remove hazardous waste. As a trusted service provider and e-waste specialist, we can now help clients discard obsolete and faulty IT equipment in compliance with the National Environmental Management: Waste Act of 2008.

Penalties for poor disposal of redundant IT assets could be costly, but this can be prevented by appointing a professional hazardous waste generator. Most companies have masses of e-waste waiting to be discarded – this includes servers and storage devices, computers, tablets, phones and fax machines.

To help prevent e-waste problems, we collect, physically dismantle and reverse manufacture computers into the glass, plastic and ceramics industries, and forward the waste to manufacturers that require such raw materials. Heavy metals are disposed of to licensed recyclers that recycle via processes that lower our carbon footprint without releasing toxins into the environment or requiring excessive energy to recycle. The disposal processes are confirmed by a Certificate Environmental of Disposal to complete the audit trail.

Legislation: National Environmental Management: Waste Act, 2008

In response to the growing threat to our environment, the National Environmental Waste Management Act was signed into law on 6 March 2008. The Act is intended to provide reasonable measures for the prevention of pollution and for secure ecologically sustainable development, which requires that the generation of waste is avoided, or where it cannot be avoided, that it is reduced, reused, recycled or recovered, and only as a last resort, treated and safely disposed of.

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