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Compliance 325®

Disposal is generally the most overlooked part of the IT budget. By using our Compliance 325® system and adopting our founding principle – “Assets must be disposed of within three to five years of purchase” – clients are able to avoid end-of-life asset disposal charges, recover maximum asset value and comply with POPI, NEMWA and CPA legislation.

Very few companies understand the principles of IT asset disposal, which means cost becomes the driver in a fragmented approach to refreshing old assets. This approach ranges from auctions and staff sales to scrapping storeroom-bound computers, without proper consideration of data protection or the elimination of data from old computers.

Our vast experience in asset management, especially for corporate clients, has led to our development of a disposal management system called Compliance 325®. Compliance 325® aims to recover all disposal charges when assets are disposed of within a three- to five-year period of installation. This solution covers all aspects of an IT-disposal project, including:

– Handover of redundant IT equipment
– Minimising storage to prevent equipment shortages
– A call centre to schedule hardware collection
– Packaging
– Secure transportation
– On-site data elimination
– Data-destruction compliance certificates
– E-waste disposal compliance certificates
– Value recovery
– Trending reports
– Audit trail

South Africa’s first choice for compliant, secure, sustainable Information Technology Asset Disposition