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Xperien moves into a new era

Due to a growing demand for professional IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) services in South Africa, Xperien has had to acquire larger offices. The bigger premises will enable the company to provide new services to its clients including warehousing and reimaging and redeployment of computers.

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Physical Destruction Vs Secure Data Erasure

Nowadays there are stacks of hard drives (HDDs) and Solid-State Drives (SSDs) lying around data centres and storage rooms. Most of these drives contain sensitive data which needs to be protected or permanently removed or it could be put the company at risk.

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Refurbish more and recycle less

There is a growing trend to rather refurbish than recycle, businesses are finding new ways to maximise profits through green initiatives. The days of simply disposing of old IT equipment are over, the responsible thing today is to implement a sustainable

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